Some writers insist on getting all the credit. Not this one.

I’ve had numerous positions that involved ghostwriting.

I wrote many of the articles that appear in this advertorial magazine (feel free to ask me which ones).

I produced newsletters for The Barefoot Investor, writing as the official guru. I did the same thing for College Made Simple, producing multiple articles a week. And for Seduction Sciences, writing under the guise of the official dating coach. For years, I wrote six health articles a month as Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy - here’s just one example.

I edited and rewrote a book about currency for The Oxford Club. I have written numerous white papers and investment reports under someone else’s byline, or under no byline at all.

If you have a project that needs a writer - or editor - I’m happy to help. And, while I’m not comfortable publishing a litany of ghostwritten articles online, I’m happy to provide samples if asked.