As an investor, I’m a contrarian who believes in value.

Another way to say something similar - I believe in holding positions for an extended period of time. I think day trading is a great way to sandpaper away value from a portfolio, in taxes and fees. I look at long-term projections for a business, and invest accordingly - without worrying too much about short-term technical aspects of the trade.

And I like to invest away from the herd. Or rather, where I think the herd will wind up next.

This philosophy can be found in most of my personal financial writing. As the Editor-in-Chief of Unconventional Wealth I recommended companies and curated a portfolio based in this philosophy. (We later were strictly off-Wall Street, so I am extremely familiar with side hustles, rare tangible assets, and unusual investments.)

Many of my stock recommendations were on next-generation technological opportunities. A great deal were off the beaten track - I recommended marijuana stocks before it was popular. And my recommendation of Sollensys - a taste and fragrance company - doubled before three months had passed from publication. When it comes to stocks, I have a good idea what I’m doing.

Before being acquired by Laissez Faire Books and then split out into its own division, Unconventional Wealth was published by Contrarian Profits, a now-defunct Agora division.

Before Unconventional Wealth, I was the senior editor of Small Cap Insider. Within a year of taking over the portfolio, we had three triple-digit winners - including 3D Systems, at one point up over 400%.

However, as successful as my curated picks are, that’s not the greatest skill I bring to the table.

I have a great knack for taking complex subject material and making it easily understood by the average layman.

You can see that in all my financial writing. It’s the reason
The Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha happily gobbled up my contributions.

It’s why publications like Inside Investing Daily and
Investment U. - reaching over 300,000 people - have often turned to me for articles and ideas.

It’s why I’ve been asked to write research and white papers for such a wide range of clients - from
The Oxford Club to Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin.

In short - while my knowledge of the markets and personal finance has opened many doors, it’s my easy-to-understand, simple, clean, and conversational style that has blown doors off their hinges.

Below, please find samples of my newsletter issues - written and edited by no one but me. For more recent work, the majority of articles on
Unconventional Wealth bear the Ryan Cole byline.

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